Tuesday, February 1, 2011

i fell right through the cracks, now i'm trying to get back

though you said i could be your answer, nothing lasts forever,
no matter how it feels today
time heals, but
these scars keep tearing us
it's always times like these when i think of you,
and wonder if you ever think of me.
i'll move on boy, just like you,
when the desert floods and the grass
turns blue.
the hardest part of living is just
taking breaths to stay.
so maybe i've got to learn,
or maybe i'm just hanging onto
my words.
stop trying to be someone else;
soon enough you're gonna run out of
people to be.
don't tell me the sky's the limit when there
are footprints on the moon.
and she looks in the mirror,
hoping what she sees is a mistake.
i regret the things i didn't do
when i had the chance.
you never get a second chance
to make a first impression.
she'll never tell you there's a problem so she'll
never have to find a way to solve
the days they turn to years,
the eyes they drown in tears.
you don't have to scream to
say something you mean.
falling apart and all that i question:
is this a dream or is this my lesson?
some pages were turned, some bridges burned,
but there were lessons learned.
we'll trade it all for
the better days.
smile because you can.
maybe we'll find someone better;
then again, maybe we won't.
she was sad but refused to cry.
won't open up, won't let anyone
you're way too young to believe
that it's not going to be
fight for the things you love,
love the things worth fighting for.
there are thousands willing to do great things
for one willing to do a small thing.
you can do anything,
but not everything.
if you're gonna be there,
be there.
we get older but we're still young,
we never grow out of this feeling that
we won't give up.
most of all, i'm scared of walking away right now
and never feeling, the rest of my whole life,
the way i feel when i'm with you.
~Dear John <3
behind my smile is everything you'll
never understand.
^ahhh, im dying<3
it's not up to me anymore. if you want me in your life,
you'll find a way to let me be there.
and if one day i actually start to matter,
please let me know.
anyone can make you smile,
but not everyone can make you happy.
i know you like to wish,
but i think you just ran out of stars.
regrets just become a part of who we are,
along with everything else. to
spend time trying to change that, well,
it's like chasing clouds.
it's easier to admit the simple things than to
say the hard things and realize how much
you've been struggling, and how much you
feel that your life has gone
out of control.
it's the possibility that keeps us going-
not the guarantee.
hearts are often broken,
by words left unspoken.
you want a new life, but you take
the one you're given every morning
for granted.
if you don't stand for something,
you'll fall for anything.
you shouldn't be with someone who
doesn't make you
the world is still the same.
you'll never change it.
here she goes again. she swallows her tears.
puts her heart on her sleeve and acts
like the girl everyone wants her to be.
if nobody fought, you would never
know how much they are worth
to you.
some secrets weren't meant to be told.
it's easier than explaining why you're sad.
when you look in the mirror and don't like what you see,
you'll find out first hand what it's like
to be me.
worrying is a waste of time. it doesn't change anything.
it just messes with your mind and
steals your happiness.
sometimes, you just have to let them win.
because losing the argument is easier than losing
but when you really think about it,
nothing anyone says to you means anything.
because if you know who you are, then that's okay.
goodbyes hurt the most when people leave
without saying them.
when i hear somebody say, "life is hard,"
i'm always tempted to ask,
"compared to what?"
the words, once they're spoken,
are words that we can't take back.
if you hold back feelings because you're afraid
of getting hurt...you end up
hurting anyway.

^i still wish i could play:(

just because you paint a picture,
doesn't mean it fits the frame.
we learn to build another wall,
until it falls.
now i'm standing up, i think i'll be here for a while,
hope i remember how to keep on this steady
sometimes you have to cry for no reason,
to make up for all the times you
wanted to cry and didn't.
we're not afraid of where we're going,
we're afraid of where we've been.
^omggg spanish! lol if only i could understand it=/
when someone sees you at your worst and still thinks
you look your best,
that's someone worth keeping.
and after a while, there was so much that was left unsaid,
that we barely said anything at all.
you change for two reasons;
either you learn enough that you want to or
you've been hurt enough that you have to.
when someone is born, someone dies;
someone laughs, someone cries.
if you love someone let them know, because if they leave,
tomorrow they will never know.
i guess that's what happens in the end,
you start thinking about the beginning.
some pursue happiness- others create it.
^lol i'll remember that next timee, it's a good idea haha
so true for me thoooo


one day you'll just be a memory for some people.
do your best to be a good one.

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