Thursday, February 25, 2010


thanks to those who hated me; you made me a stronger person
thanks to those who loved me; you made my heart grow fonder
thanks to those who cared; you made me feel important
thanks to those who entered my life; you made me who i am today
thanks to those who left; you showed me that nothing lasts forever
thanks to those who stayed; because you showed me the true meaning of
Love &+ Friendship

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

really funny =)

this is a really funny rap that a flight attendant did on a flight. readd :)
This is flight 372 on SWA
The flight attendants on board serving you today:
Teresa in the middle, David in the back,
My name is David and I'm here to tell you that,
shortly after takeoff, first things first
theres soft drinks and coffee to quench your thirst.
Alcoholic beverages will be 4 dollars,
if a monster energy drink is your plan
that'll be 3 dollars and you get the whole can!
We wont take your cash, you gotta pay with plastic
if you have a coupon then thats fantastic.
We know you're ready to go to new places,
open up the bench, put away your suitcases.
Carry on items go under your seat,
in front of you so none of you have things by your feet.
If you have a seat on a row with an exit,
we're gonna talk to you, so you might as well expect it.
You gotta help evacuate in case we need you,
if you dont wanna then we're gonna re-seat you.
Before we leave, our advice is:
put away your electronic devices.
Fasten your seatbelt, then put your trays up,
press the buton to make the seatback raise up.
Sit back relax, have a good time
its almost time to go, so i'm done with my rhyme.
Thank you for the fact that i wasnt ignored
this is Southwest Airlines, welcome aboard.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

in the end...

In the end, you'll get where you need to go
In the end, you'll find happiness
In the end, that stupid boy will realize he lost a great girl
In the end, you'll realize that there is someone out there for you
In the end, you'll let go of all your mistakes
In the end, you'll have no regrets
In the end, you'll figure out everything happens for a reason
In the end, you'll make something of yourself
In the end, everything will be ok

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is it just me or...

is it just me...or does your horoscope come true too?
is it just me...or do you wait up until 11:11 to make that same wish you always make too?
is it just me...or do you secretly love when your parents embarrass you?
is it just me...or do you get excited over the dumbest things?
is it just me...or do you get the butterflies when you see his name pop-up on called ID when he texts you?
is it just me...or the class you can't stand, you can't wait to go to, because he's in it?
is it just me...or do you cry for no reason, but it makes you feel better?
is it just me...or do you stay home and do nothing on Friday nights because it's relaxing?
is it just me...or did your pet's happiness make you smile too?
is it just me...or do you ever feel like falling asleep in the shower?
is it just me...or do you feel like every song you hear on the radio is about your life?
is it just me...or when you get ready in the morning, you're thinking about what he'll think too?
is it just me...or do you get excited because he texted you first?
is it just me...or do you love sleeping in on sundays too?
is it just me...or do you love laying out in the summer?
is it just me...or do you like to curl up on the couch and read a good book too?
is it just me...or do you love seeing him smile too?
is it just me...or do you love going to walmart with your friends because you can do so much stuff?
is it just me...or do you love having nicknames too?
is it just me...or do you ever live-up to your new years resolution too?
is it just me...or do you hate shaving too?
is it just me...or do you actually look forward to family occasions too?
is it just me...or do you look-up to your mom...sometimes?

is it just me...or do you wanna look back on your life with no regrets too?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

life lessons

Stop apologizing for things you didn't even do
Be free
When your stuck in a goldfish bowl, break out. pull a nemo. play dead. get flushed
Learn to say "i love you" more often. it feels good. really good
Don't forget, it's ok to be moody sometimes
Yes, when he asks you in for a cup of coffee you should say yes
Become the person you want to be
Just let go
Learn to take a compliment, even if it isn't the one you want to hear
Be sure not to get run over by an ice cream truck
Remember, love doesn't find you on it's own
Your story doesn't always need a beginning before the end
Admit your weakness to no one
There's always someone left to blame
Learn the art of selective hearing
Don't stop dreaming because there is no wrong in wanting something more
Nobody knows your limits better than you do, but every once and a while somebody will question all you know and they will push you for the better
Take a chance
Just for a minute, forget about whats coming tomorrow
Everything obvious has been invented; think outside the box
"We're so fairytale it makes peolpe sick"
Sometimes a thank you isn't enough
Forgive, but don't forget
Chase the rain
Don't let an invitation become an invasion
Sometimes running is the only way to fight your fears
Make dreams
Don't waste another second...please?
Buy your pumpkins early
Discover the person you are before you find the person you need to be
Stop losing things, it costs
Defend your people
Become your own Duffy; fight your deamons
It's not enough...
Feel the freedom, even if it's a lie
Get your things and lose your way
You are what you make of yourself
Hold on to something good, and dont let go
Don't try and fix what isn't broken
Learn something new. Teach something old
Don't believe a promise that can only be b r o k e n
Don't let yourself be someone's priority if they are only your choice
Open your eyes...or ignore what matters most
Time machines don't exist
Let go of the parts of life you honestly don't want
Learn to WALK A W A Y
Some of the most beautiful people are the ones who don't fit in boxes
Erasing yourself from somebody's life isn't as simple as walking out the door
We spend too long thinking about tomorrow when we could be learning from the yesterday we wanted to be today
Let your heart defy your logic
From now on, everyday will be the most important day
We are all equal in the evil and beauty we are capable of producing
It's OKAY to feel even the tiniest bit of fear
Do what you love, and love what you do
[(I'm all out of clever things to say)]

Friday, February 5, 2010

stuck in the middle

i just dont know anymore. im stuck in the middle and i dont know who to believe. i cant say I blame him for feeling this way, but what i dont get is how he could put that on me. He should know i cant make decisions, this just doesnt seem right. how do you learn something about the one person you look up to and respect and love so much...and try to see someone else? just because someone told u different. it's hard, and i hate it. they should just grow the hell up already. ive only heard one side of the story, but God knows i dont wanna know anymore. there are so many secrets....i just want out. i guess im too optimistic about this, i know nothing will ever change, but a girl can hope right? HA. im not gonna say that i hate my life, because i dont. i know i have it lucky, even when it seems its falling apart. he says theres more to the story, and he would wait to tell me the rest of it when i was "mature" enough for it. SCREW THAT. no way, i want no part of it. i dont wanna know, but i cant say that to his face i would feel like i was breaking his heart. i learned this in 7th grade and i felt like i was dissapointing so many people that i loved. all i wanted was to keep them together...but it seems like im pulling them farther apart. it seems like whatever i do, no matter what my intentions are, i feel like im hurting someone. i have to lie to everyone, and it kills me every single second. i just have to remember one thing, one thing that i learned....theres always three sides to a story: his side, her side and the truth. but will i ever find that out? i dont think so. im stuck in the middle, between two families that were meant to be one. look how well that turned out. i guess im too young to understand, but whose side do you choose, when you dont even know where you stand?