Thursday, June 30, 2011

have i told you lately, that i love you?

this post is kinda different. it has horoscope pictures, and "things boys do" pictures. they reminded me of you because you do pretty much all of these things. you're the best thing that has ever happened to me, i can't thank you enough. i love you. and i hope you like this one =)

^lol im not so good at that but oh well

^i try ;) hahaha

^hahahahaha oh boy, is that a sign too? ;)

^you make me smile

^i don't mind being alone, but i'm terrified of losing you. i'd rather be with you all the time than be alone.

^oneee dayyyyy i hopee

^well, you watch Glee and Sex and the City all on your own. but i'm glad you'll sit there and watch Disney movies with me =)

^you tell me that pretty much every day. and you know i don't believe it. but it means the world to me when you say that. you're the sweetest guy in the world<3

^lol i dont think you've done that, maybe?

^15! ;)

^i love your smile

^haha this one is just recently, but i'm glad i finally gave in and wore your sweatshirt ;)

^i miss you, even though i saw you for 7 hours today lol

^prom =) we need to take a differen't one, or tell your sister to upload the one of us from her graduation. unless she deleted it already lol

^alll dayyy erryydayy lmao (me looking like shit, i mean)

^i've locked 9 so far


^you always do that, and i love that. thank you

^you're one of the only people i feel comfortable having a conversation on the phone with

^you did that today. i never really told you this, but i love it when you play with my hair

^i dont think you have lol

^lol you do that sometimes

I love you ;) <3

^you make me laugh every single day, thank you

<3 i love doing that

^lol i love when you kiss me on the forehead

^lmao it's cute when you sing

^i love when you do that

^i like baby more lol, either one tho is cute ;)

^i love doing that with you

^every single day, i swear

^lol i do that to you too

^one day lol, piano! =D

^lol your smirk is cute

^i do talk a lot around you, but i'm always here to listen. i promise. i hope you know that

^lmfao lucky day. i was born on a fridayy actually loll

^lmao today, i have a feeling you'll be doing that a lot now =P but hey. whatya gonna do lol it's cute


^you can lol

^lol i like your half smile

^oh boy lol

^i'm too fat, so im sorry that you cant do that lol

^i think that's cute. we gotta practice more ;)

^i think it's really cute when you do that, it makes my day. i love every single thing about you.

^i love that, we do that a lot actually

^all the time lol

^i like it when you do that too lol

^i havent heard yours yet, actually. lol i know you've heard mine =P

^lol is that true? ;)

^you are<3

^it makes me wonder lol

^i love that

^lol i love your eyes<3

^lol you might have

^i wanna go to the beach with you one day when no ones around, at sunset and walk around with you. idk, i think that would be cute. im a dork, i know

^yesterday ;) lol


i love you baby, te amo

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