Sunday, July 11, 2010

feel beautiful

Feel beautiful:
in your new dress.
with your new salon hairstyle.
in your favorite jeans.
with your perfect make-up.
in those rockin' sweatpants.
in the rain.
next to the most beautiful person you know.
with your crush.
during a saturday night sleepover.
on monday morning-back to school.
when you're sick.
when it's sunny.
with your friends.
when you're alone.
in a crowd of strangers.
with no make-up on.
with a messy bun.
in your favorite t-shirt.
in mis-matched clothes.
when you're dirty.
with your bulky, winter jacket on.
after your first kiss.
when you're one.
when you're ninety-one.
when someone tells you so.
when someone says otherwise.
because everyday you'll feel better. because everyone is.

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