Monday, July 26, 2010

the little things....

the way my hair smells so good when i take it out of a ponytail.
the way the freckles on my nose still show through my foundation.
how it's possible to laugh so hard that it feels like I just did an ab workout.
putting on sweatpants after shaving my legs.
catching myself smiling when thinking about a memory.
smelling my favorite meal being cooked for dinner.
waking up to realize that I still have another hour to sleep in.
having those days when i realize i dont need a boy to make me happy.
when in school something hillarious happens and i cant stop laughing even if i bite my tounge.
when my favorite song comes on the radio.
when i have a story that i think is funny and people actually agree.
how relieving it feels to take off my jeans after school.
getting a notification that a friend wrote on my wall.
chipping off my nail polish when im bored and finally getting it clean.
the taste of my favorite lip gloss.
how good it feels to finally itch that itchy spot.
having the smell of air caught on my clothes.
spending hours in a resturant talking to my friends and not even taking a bite of my food.
knowing the answer to a question on a game show.
dancing in the aisles of the supermarket.
when i can finally get over those stupid hiccups.
eating a meal that i cooked and can feel proud of.
how much better my fuzzy socks can make me feel.
getting a call that someone needs me to babysit.
when a teacher acknowledges that i've done something right.
the feeling i get when im nice to those who are left out.
finding a lucky penny.
realizing that i dont have to be dependent on anybody but myself for my own happiness.
actually looking forward to tomorrow, despite the things i could be dreading.
having a dream and somehow thinking that it's my fate.
finally learning the name of that song that i havent been able to remember in months.
how exciting it is to get something in the mail addressed to me.
shopping and looking at everything i bought right when i come home.
when an old friend whom i havent talked to in a while strikes up a conversation.
the feeling of donating charity.
the funniest things little kids say.
knowing that im not the only one in a class who dislikes the teacher or is confused.
catching a yawn from someone else, or having them catch one from me.
being extremely hungry after exercising and coming home to dinner.
when i get some kind of "deja vu" but cant really tell what it is.
driving with the car window down and feeling the rush of wind against my face.
the funny tingling of hitting my "funny bone."
when i have a much better day than yesterday.
those times when i surprise myself with how confident i sound.
finally getting into bed after a long night of studying.
seeing a rainbow and wondering where it is.
blowing a huge bubble with bubble gum then popping it.
finding something absolutely hillarious on kid's show.
when i think that i need a refill but i realize that the ice has melted just enough.
perfecting that first bit mark into an apple.
when the cashier rings up whatever im buying and i realize it's on sale.
when i can actually get to bed early.
the feeling after i finally can get to bed early.

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