Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Not The End...

How many of you have ever had a crush on someone?
How many of you have ever fallen in love?
And how many of you have had your heart "broken"?
now, i'm no magician, but i can guess that a lot of you raised your hands. if i asked why, or howm you'd probably tell me a story that i've heard a thousand other times about how you met a boy who was, "perfect for you, and you made this mistake of falling so fast because in the end, he broke your heart into tiny little pieces." you'd tell me how you cried yourself to sleep at night and, for some of you, started cutting and thought your life was over. you believed what he told you, how much he loved you, and when he took it all back you acted like the world was ending, you couldn't go on, you just gave up on life.
Now how many of you have ever heard this quote:
"Someday, someone will walk into your
life and make you realize why it never
worked out with anyone else."
i'm sure all of you have heard this before. most girls claim it's their favorite, that they pretty much live by it. but most of the girls that say that, they're lying. girls only say that stuff to try and convince themselves, and their friends, that it's true. but they think otherwise. they think this "mr.right" that broke their heart is the one they're meant to be with. but if you took the chance to remember this, you'll know what he's not. if we could remember this every time someone had their heart "broken," there would be a lot more happy people on this planet. it's true.
if you meet a guy who means the world to you, that's okay. that's great, actually. but if he breaks your heart, do me a favor. remember this quote. it'll help a lot. think of it this way:
If he was your life, would your heart be broken? if he really did love you, why isnt he here now? and if he is the one, and he leaves, he'll come back. if he doesn't, well, then he's obviously not the right one for you. so let it go.
Remember this....
if he breaks your heart, it will hurt. hell, it'll hurt like a bitch. but he broke your heart. he lied to you when he said forever. it's okay to be upset. but don't say the world is ending. because it's not. that someone who walks into your life, he's out there somewhere. you might not meet him for awhile, you might meet him tomorrow. but either way, he's out there. that doesn't mean you have to sit and wait for him to show up, it just means that if a boy breaks your heart, he's not him. so move on. you never know just what, or who, you'll find.

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