Saturday, May 29, 2010

Love Gives Me Hope

These are random things that have happened that gave people hope, (not mine).

My parents have been married for 35 years.
The other day my mom told me that when my dad calls her up at work to see if she wants to grab a cup of coffee, she still gets butterflies in her stomach.
Their everlasting love gives me hope.

Last Thursday my parents had a huge fight, and I stayed up all night crying, unable to sleep.
I messaged my boyfriend and told him what had happened. Very late at night he texted me telling me to go outside. I did, and he stood there in the pouring rain, holding flowers. He kissed me, and it took all the pain away. His love hives me hope.

I was abused by my parents as a child.
My little brother texted my best friend that I was threatened to be killed by my parents. Jake drove to my house. When he got there my dad pulled a gun on me and Jake jumped in front and the bullet went in his arm. Today, I sit next to my husband who risked his life for mine. Your love GMH.

A guy I knew in high school would bring two dozen roses to school every Valentines Day.
He would give one rose to each girl he knew didn't have a valentine. He felt that every girl deserved to feel special. I was one of those girls. We've been married for 3 years. Stand up guys in a world of flakes GMH.

Today, I saw two mentally handicapped high schoolers at my school walking hand-in-hand, completely oblivious to the sneers and teases of my fellow peers.
Their honest, innocent love GMH.

3 years ago, my boyfriend and I entered universities on opposite sides of the US.
Since then, I've kept telling him that he'd be happier with someone closer. Yesterday, after not seeing him since before our first year, he showed up at my dorm. To propose. Love that survived 2000 miles GMH.

Yesterday, I told my best friend that I was gay.
She is a Neo-Orthodox Jew and believes homosexuality is an abomination. Instead of disowning me, she just smiled and said 'Yay! Now we can boy-compare!' A best friend's love, no matter what GMH.

The other day I saw a young teenage couple riding a bike.
The boy was peddling, and the girl was riding on the back of it. They were laughing and smiling, until the boy stopped the bike, looked up at the girl and kissed her. It was the sweetest thing I'd ever witnessed. Young love GMH.

2 years ago, at my daughter's wedding, her alcoholic, violent ex-boyfriend stormed in with a knife.
Before anyone could stop him, he slashed at her. Her fiancee took the slash. After being rushed to the hospital, he went into a coma. She stayed with him night and day. Eventually he woke up. Yesterday, they welcomed Ciara and Josh into the world. Their love GMH.

I was rushed into the hospital has I had a severe asthma attack which left me in a coma for 24 hours.
When I woke up, a popular boy at school was beside my bed and comforted me. I had never spoke to him, bu always liked him. When I was discharged, my mom drove me and him to my house, and all my friends were there. He planned it all. He GMH.

Last night I called my boyfriend crying, telling him that I wished he was here.
We talked for six hours. When we got off the phone, I heard tapping on my window. I looked out to see him, throwing rocks. He lives in Boston, and drove six hours to come see me. His love GMH.

I was raped two years ago.
My husband, while deployed, would stay online with me all night sacraficing his own sleep to talk to me and help me through my nightmares. When I would ask if he wanted to go to sleep, he would say, "It's my job to protect my country, but my most importand job is to love and protect you." His forever understanding GMH.

I was always depressed.
I had left a suicide note for my best friend to find. I was about to jump off a bridge when he showed up with seven notebooks. Each page was a letter written to me about how much he's in love with me. We've been dating for three years now, and Austin's love still GMH.

My 22-year old sister is in a wheelchair.
Her best friend of 20 years, took her to a party recently and her favorite song came on. She said, "I wish I could dance to this song." Her best friend picked her up and said, "Your wish is my command," and whirled her around. He then put her in her wheelchair, and proposed to her. His love of 20 years GMH.

Two years ago, I went to a movie with a close friend.
He didn't know that I was going to commit suicide the next day to escape my abusive boyfriend. In the dark, he slipped his hand into mine after 10 years of friendship and waiting. His love gave me the courage to leave. His patience GMH.

I finally told my girlfriend the truth: That I hadn't really recovered from drug addiction.
I started to cry, sure she would leave me. She said that she loved me and we would get through it, no matter what. Yesterday, I was released from rehab. Today, she agreed to marry me. Love GMH.

Today at work, I dug through the trash to help a lady find her ring.
When I found it, I handed it to her and she hugged me, saying it was the ring her deceased husband had given her when they got married 40 years ago, and she'd never taken it off. Undying love GMH.

Today I brought my boyfriend home for the first time.
My former boyfriends have felt uncomfterable around my sister, Katie, who has Down Syndrom. When Katie met my boyfriend, she hugged him and said, "I love you already." What did my boyfriend do? He said, "I love you too. Sorry Auden, but she's stolen my heart." His understanding GMH.

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