Sunday, April 17, 2011

then she said te amo


truth is, i get jealous easily because whats mine is mine.
i'm stubborn as hell, i say sorry too much. i act like i
don't give a fuck because i care too much. and i over
analyze the smallest of things.

risk something, take back what's yours. say something
that you know they might attack you for. cause i'm sick of
being treated like i have before, like it's stupid standing
for what i'm standing for.

how will you know if you have made the right decision? it's
when you picked the harder choice yet your heart
is at peace.

^lmfao basically

most days of the year are unremarkable. they begin, and they
end, with no lasting memories made in between. most days have
no impact on the course of a life.
~500 Days of Summer

everyone has things they regret in life. but i don't
regret anything because one way or another,
it led me to you.

with him, life was routine. without him,
life was miserable.
~To Kill a Mockingbird

love is old. love is new.
love is all. love is you.

^toy story<3

life hides a lot from us. on most days,
we just don't bother to look; we enjoy the
view of what's shown to us. but some people need
to know that this life is capable of otherworldliness.


love is fragile. and we're not always its best caretakers.
we just muddle through and do the best we can.
and hope this fragile thing survives against all odds.

don't ever think that there's not enough time to show
how much you care. always remember, big things are nice, but
its the small stuff that counts.

^lmao i started laughing when i saw this

i'm just trying to keep this together, because
i could do worse and you could do better.

we live in a difficult world, a broken world. life is hard for
most people most of the time. we believe that
everyone can relate to pain, that all of us live with questions,
and all of us get stuck in moments. you need to know that
you're not alone in the places you feel stuck.

i don't want this story to end because i'm
still in love with the person who helped
me write it.

it turns out that sometimes you have to do the wrong thing.
sometimes you have to make a mistake to figure
out how to make things right. mistakes are painful, but
they are the only way to figure out who you really are.

he's the only person she wants to be with. he means so much to her.
she loves his stupid jokes, how he can change her entire day
by giving her a hug, the way he can always make her laugh, and how
he's by her side through everything that goes wrong.

you might feel worthless to one person, but
you are priceless to another.

^im gonna try to draw thiss onee dayy

no relationship is perfect. but what makes it perfect
is if you still want to be there when things get
really hard.

i'll show you and this whole town that i'm one in a million.
i never wanted to fit in any place except your heart.

you don't know how often i find myself thinking about you. it's
not an obsession, it's just so incredible how someone so far
away can have that affect on you; that you can touch
my heart in a way that only you do.


and ten years from now, i'm still going to have a little
thing for you, because some things, they just
never change.

i take you for who you are, the person you are, and
the heart you have. and i don't let anyone
interfere with that.

in my opinion, the best thing you can do is find someone who loves you
for exactly what you are. good mood, bad mood, ugly,
pretty, handsome, what have you. the right person will still think
that the sun shines on you. that's the kind of person that's worth
keeping around.

^lolll i laughed at that too

i've told you everything. i've told you things i've never
told anyone. i've told you exactly how i feel about you.
i've told you my every waking thought.


you just shouldn't depend on next times and second
chances, you never know if they will come.

^aw how cute, lmao

the greatest mistake you can make in life is to be
continually fearing you will make

^girl scout cookies! loll

faith is taking the first step even when you don't
see the whole staircase.
~Martin Luther King Jr.

i know the worlds a brutal place, please don't let
it steal your smile away.

never let the fear of failure be an excuse for not trying.
society tells us that to fail is the most terrible thing in the
world, but i know it isn't. failure is part of what
makes us human.

^thats a pretty dresss haha

a friend will know by the sound of your voice, by
the look on your face, by the way you walk, by
the things you do, exactly what kind of day you
are having.

crying doesn't indicate that you're weak. since birth,
it has always been a sign that you're alive.

^lmfaooo watched that today=)

seeing him in the hallway, and totally forgetting where you are and
what you're doing.

^love themm

my favorite part of the day is when you look
at me and i get the butterflies in
my stomach.

if i could go back in time and fix all the mistakes
i've made, i wouldn't because they have made
me who i am today.
^i would still fix a couple things tho...

life is about trusting our feelings and taking chances,
losing and finding happiness, appreciating the
memories and learning from the past.

wouldn't it be the perfect crime;
if i stole your heart and you stole mine?

we all have stories we'll never tell.

^thiss is the next movie i wanna watch! lol

it takes a special person to make you smile with
eyes full of tears.

just when you think you've had enough, life gives you more.
just when you think it's rained enough it
starts to pour.

i stupidly smile at my phone when i see your
name on my screen.

people are particularly stupid today.
i can't talk to any more of them.
~Gossip Girl

^watched that tonight=) cute moviee. deff one of my favoritess noww

what's bizarre? i mean, we're all pretty bizarre.
some of us are just better at hiding it.
~The Breakffast Club

haters can only hate the people they can't
have and the people they can't be.

i can't even pretend to concentrate on anything else
when you smile at me.


wanna see who your real friends are? screw up
and see who's still there.

if you weren't jealous every once in a while,
you wouldn't be in love.

^loll that made me laugh tooooo

i hope i've made a difference in your life.
significant enough to cross your mind at night.

the rain falls because the sky can no longer handle
its heaviness. that's like your tears. you cry because
you are no longer strong enough to hold them in.

you don't know what you mean to me. you don't have a clue.
you can't see by looking at me, what i feel for you.

i was in a Disney mood.....don't judge =P

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