Monday, March 29, 2010

pressure to [change]

I realized that as I grow up things are always going to change.
Friends, interests, places; everything. I realized that there are
very few constants in my life that will always remain the same
and I realized that I can remain the same person that I have
always been, and hopefully always will be. That's not my real
point though, mostly my point is that we are always going to
be pressured to do something. Once we get over the pressure
to do one thing, here comes another. It's never ending.
when your 8, your pressured to...
-Color in the lines.
-Have the best barbie dolls and princess movies.
-Avoid boys with cooties.
-Never be found in hide-and-seek, or get tagged in freeze-tag.
-Tie my shoes all by myself.
-Ride a bike without training wheels.
-Swim under water and open my eyes.
when your 11, your pressured to...
-"Date the boy that "liked" you.
-Have best friends.
-Have the coolest friends.
-Do my own hair.
-Wear the coolest clothes.
-Get good grades.
-Have the best sleepovers.
when your 14, your pressured to...
-Go to highschool and fit in.
-Hook-up before getting to know a boy.
-Be skinny.
-Be a cheerleader
-Don't wear too much black or you're goth.
-Wear too many collared shirts, or you're a preppy, annoying kid.
-A boy doing drama or singing is automatically gay.
-Boys do sports, girls watch.
when your 16, your pressured to...
-Smoke weed.
-Drink alcohol.
-Be on the "in" crowd.
-Never wear anything that would be considered "out of style."
-Listen to all the right music.
-Don't do too well in school, or you'll be a nerd.
-Get my liscense and drive a nice new car.
-Always wear clothes that are in style.
-Gossip about everyone and make fun of kids that are different.
I'm done. I'm my own person, I'm not going to follow anyone
else's rules just to fit in. I'm not changing to fit in either, if you
don't like me for who I am then I probably wouldn't want to be
friends with you anyway. Forget pressure, who needs it? Have
your own opinion, nobody controls you. Except maybe your parents

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