Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ever been afraid to say...?

i try my best.
i am mature for my age.
i want to look my best, too.
i am not very talented.
oh well.
i don't know what i want.
i am not going to take your crap.
i want to go somewhere in life.
i dream big.
little things make my day.
i'm not a morning person.
i love good morning texts.
i want to be cared for.
i have good days and bad days.
you expect too much.
that's why you get disappointed so often.
i'm sorry that i'm happy.
please accept me when i'm not.
"if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."
don't manipulate me.
i see right through your shit.
i am nice, but not to my mother.
i love to talk.
i would love for you to love me, but i don't waste my time on trying to make people like me.
i am unique.
i am not like most girls.
sweet talking doesn't work on me, unless i really - realllly like you.
i have morals.
i respect myself.
i am completely unexperienced.
i don't give a fuck.
i'm confident.
i have insecurities, like everyone.
don't call me a bitch.
don't call me a whore.
you KNOW that's the opposite of exactly what i am.
i'm not ashamed to tell the truth.
i keep secrets.
people threaten me.
they threaten me to control me; it does not work. don't try it.
in the end, i will keep my gaurd up but do what makes me happy.
my life is good. but i go through more than you think.
i'd love to help you.
i want to make people happy.
judge me, don't make judgements.
get to know me first.
i am alive.
i like that.
choices are mine to make.
i want to know that i have been to the extreme.
i like to have fun.
living in the moment is the best.
i feel like i complain too much; i don't.
i want to be optimistic.
i am much too realistic and aware.
i like proper grammar.
yeah, i sometimes fish for compliments.
i am a very curious girl.
i notice small things & remember them.
i'm just observant.
i love quirks about people.
i want to make the most of my life & have fun without fucking it up.
so, i don't smoke.
i don't drink.
i am seriously afraid of messing up.
i don't like to make mistakes.
i don't like to look or sound stupid in front of people.
i say sorry often.
i mean it 99% of the time.
i know it's not my fault if it isn't.
i always say sorry first.
i don't like fights.
i WILL confront you if i need to.
i am strong, physically & mentally.
don't call me stupid.
i am intelligent.
don't underestimate me - really.
you don't know what i'm capable of.
i laugh ALL the time.
i like to have a smile on my face.
i don't need to have a reason to smile.
i like you for you, always.
i look in the mirror too much.
i'm not conceited at allll though.
i stay up late.
i love to sleep but i don't sleep enough.
i don't care what you say, it doesn't change my opinion.
i know what i feel is right.
i don't need to have the last word.
i love my best friends, but i keep my distance if i am being disrespected.
i like to take things slow.
i am a chronic procrastinator.
even if i don't act like it or react much at all, i love what you do
just be happy for me.
i can handle the truth. tell it to me.
make me a better and stronger person.
go ahead and hurt me. you were going to anyway, huh?
don't lie to me.
tell me how you feel.
i'll open up with you.
i am loud. i know.
that, or i'm really quiet.
i can be shy.
i have a big personality.
catch me off gaurd.
i am bad at making decisions.
i love my best friends.
i have never been in love.
i don't have high expectations.
you will never meet someone just like me.
i will never meet someone just like you.
you will change my life, gauranteed.
the people in my life have changed me & that i am thankful for.
i want to improve myself every day.
i want to learn every day.
fall harder.
i'll tell you exactly how you feel.
you do deserve the truth.
deep conversations are the only meaningful ones.
i have trust issues.
i know more than you think.
i know i don't know much.
i am young.
let me live.