Thursday, January 26, 2012

tu eres para mi, yo soy para ti, te entrego mi vida y mi amor hasta el fin

I always think of you before I fall asleep. the words you said,
the way you looked. the things we laughed about, the silent
moments we shared. and when i dream, i'll dream of you.
because it's about you, it's always about you.

happiness often sneaks through a door you
didn't know you left open.


pretty up a grey day

that's how yo know he's in love with you,
when he's afraid of losing you.

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people don't keep jounals for themselves, they keep them
for other people. like a secret they don't want to tell,
but they want everyone to know.

^that's so cute lol

three things you cannot recover in life:
the moment after it's missed, the word after it's
said, and the time after it's been wasted.


i always fear that one day you're going to realize
i'm not as great as you thought.

my eyes are my favorite part of me, not for how they look,
but for how they see.

the one guy who deserves you, is the guy who thinks he doesn't.

the rain falls because the cloud can no longer handle
the weight. the tears fall becuase the heart can no
longer handle the pain.

i just want you. that's it. all your flaws, mistakes, smiles, laughs,
jokes, sarcasm. everything. i just want you.

^she's so pretty, not fair

beauty doesn't last forever, but a beautiful
personality does.

never call someone fat, even as a joke, because you
never know how far they'll go to be the opposite.

^i love those flowers

sometimes, the little things hold you together.
don't believe me? try driving on the highway
without lines.

i never wanted to grow up. i just wanted to be
tall enough to reach the cookies.

what is love? everyone defines it differently, yet it is
what everybody wants. the undefinable feeling, to love
and be loved.

and it's those people who you never expected would fall
into your life, who have the biggest affect on you.

i'm sorry for everything i'm not, but i know i
love you with everything i am.


thats like me compared to all my friends HAHAHAHA
^lmao story of my life

perhaps they aren't stars, but rather openings in Heaven
where the love of our lose ones pour through and
shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.

i never thought i would have to say goodbye, but it's not
goodbye. it's a see you later.

i can't wait to get married, because it's like
a sleepover every night with your best friend.

you don't know how much i mean it when i
say i want to be with you forever.

it doesn't matter how long you've known him,
if he's had you smiling since day one, never let
him go.

there are three C's in life. choice, chance, change.
you make he choice to take a chance if you
want anything to change.


sometimes when they push you away, it's because
they need you to pull them closer.

don't be so hard on yourself. yeah, you screwed up. you're
not perfect, fine. learn from it. but don't punish yourself.
be kind to you, even when you scew up. you'll bounce back
eventually. you'll make up for it.

work for a cause, not applause. live to express,
not to impress. and don't strive to make your presence
noticed, just make your absence felt.


luv them

they say, "if you love someone, let them go to see if they
come back." but let's face it. if you really loved
them, you're not letting them go.

when you're in love, everything feels like it's going your
way, and everything feels like it's the perfect day.

^that's really pretty.

there's a little bit of devil in her angels eyes. she's a
little bit of heaven with a wild side.

missing someone gets easier everyday because even though
you are one day further from the last time you saw them,
you are one day closer to the next time you will.



everybody deserves someone that makes them
look forward to tomorrow.

^that's pretty

i don't want to be without you babe, i don't want a broken heart.
don't wanna take a breath without you babe, i don't
wanna play that part.

it's not who you are that holds you back, it's
who you think you're not.

i'd like mornings better if my mornings started
with you.
to succeed in life, you need three things:
a wish bone, a back bone and a funny bone.

be careful with your words. once they're
said, they can only be forgiven, not forgotten.

when you write from the heart, words come easy.

when sadness was the sea, you taught me how to swim.


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soul mates. it's extremely rare, but it exists. sort
of like twin souls turned into each other.

i'd rather have bad times with you, than good times
with anyone else.

^that's really pretty

no ending can be right, because it shouldn't be
over at all. the magic is not supposed
to go away.


(via imgTumble)
^i wish i could paint/draw like that -__-

every girl needs a best friend to help her laugh when
she thinks she'll never smile again.

it's always good to feel that you're needed, but it's
really great to feel that you're wanted.


I wish

kissing is a means of getting two people so close together
that they can't see anything wrong with each other.

if you really want to do something, you'll find
a way. if you don't, you'll find an excuse.

life doesn't get better by chance, it gets better
by change.

someone who really loves you sees what a mess you can be,
how moody you can get, how hard you are to handle,
but still wants you in their life.

^ :D

you and i were different. we came from different
worlds, and yet you were the one who taught me
the value of love.


This is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
^that's so cute lol

you can't judge people for what they've done because
people can change.

^ me gusta

sometimes we need someone who is like a pencil
with an eraser, to write happiness, and
erase all sadness.

^lmfao made me laugh

believe me,
you are beautiful.


no one in history has ever choked to death
from swallowing their pride.

no matter how mesed up you think you are,
there will always be someone that loves you
and still thinks you're amazing.

the best love is the one that makes you
a better person, without changing you into someone
other than yourself.

the things we fear the most have already
happened to us.


^yes i do. lots and lots of weight.

there's 365 days in 2012. and there are 730
opportunites to wish at 11:11. don't waste them all
on something you know will never happen.

thanks for the butterflies.

words only affect you, as much as you let them.

^i wanna draw that :O but i cant

but sometimes, to get what you want, you have to
take a chance. risk it all, because it's worth it.

look between the lines, read between the words, because the
most important things are left unsaid and unheard.


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if you really need him, fate won't let you lose him.

^so true.

people ask why love is so hard to hold onto.
i ask, if you have to hold hard to your love, is it
really love you're holding onto?
you must give to recieve, accept failure to achieve,
love to be loved, and try to forigve even when you
can't forget.

nothing has turned out as expected. it never does.
life's under no obligation to give us what we expect.
we take what we can get and are thankful
it's no worse than it is.
life is a game, play it. life is a struggle,
accept it. life is too precious, don't destroy it.
life is life, fight for it.

i love those random memories that make
me smile no matter what is going on in my life.

my mouth automatically says
"shit" when something bad happens.

little reasons to smile:
realizing how lucky you are.

^i want green eyes
when you're in a relationship with someone,
you know it's real when you can distinguish yourselves
as best friends, rather than just boyfriend
and girlfriend.

smile. why? because it makes you feel attractive, it
changes your mood, it relieves stress, and helps
you stay positive.

expect the best, prepare for the worst. life's not
a movie, it's all unrehearsed.

be thankful for hard times in your life. try not to look at them
as bad things, but opportunities to grow and learn.

i'm a strong girl keeping everything in line. even
when the tears are streaming down my face,
i still manage to say the words, "i'm fine."

^that's adorable

forever is a long time, but i wouldn't mind
spending it by your side.


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never look back. if Cinderella had went back
to pick up her shoe, she wouldn't
have become a princess.

^that's so cute. i can't wait for prom! :D

when life knocks you down,
roll over and look at the stars.


boys will break your heart, but men
will pick up the pieces.

^i love that movie

when you think nothing more could possibly
go wrong, just think, someone out there
in the world has it way worse than you do.
find someone who will change your life, not
just your relationship status.

^psh yea i wish.

the thing that is really hard, and really amazing,
is giving up on being perfect and beginning the
work of becoming yourself.

^very true.

life ends when you stop dreaming. love ends
when you stop caring. friendship ends
when you stop sharing.


be nice to nerds. chances are you'll end
up working for one.

^i like balloons :)

for any of us, forever can end in an hour, or a hundred
years from now. you can never know for sure,
so you better make every second count.

^true life lol

just don't give up trying to do what you really
want to do. where there is love and inspiration,
i don't think you can go wrong.

when people still think you're at your best, when they see you at
your worst. they're the ones worth keeping.



nobody is perfect. until you fall in love.

the world's a playground. you know that as a kid, but
you forget it as you get older.

waking up beside you is more lovely than any dream.

it's easier to go down a hill than up.
but the view is best from the top.

^i miss the beach

so you failed. you want to be really great?
have the courage to fail big and stick around.
make them wonder why you're still smiling.

chocolate helps everthing, except obesity.

^ahhhh want!

life is like an hourglass. sooner or later, everything hits
the bottom. you just gotta be patient and
wait for someone to turn it around.

^i'm jealous of people with art skills

if you love her, remember that on the bad days.

^love that movieee

things just kept going. we didn't talk about anything heavy
or light. we were just there together. and
that was enough.


maybe it's the way he smiles. maybe it's the way he talks.
maybe it's the way his laugh makes me crack up or maybe
it's the way that everything about him feels so right.


truthfully, you're the only thing that's ever really
made mefeel beautiful.

wanna know a secret? you're the sweetest
guy i've ever known.

he has the most adorable eyes you could ever fall for.
the cutest smile that will take your breath away. he
has the ability to make you laugh every time he speaks.
and when you look at him, it's hard to turn away.

the harder the life, the stronger you'll become.
the stronger you become, the easier
the life will be.

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