Thursday, April 1, 2010

april fools...

Ok, people really, really REALLY need to mind there own f***ing business. I am completely sick of people butting into my life, giving me their opinion on something thats going on in my life. not theirs..MINE. and i get it, your trying to help. but the truth is...well your not. im also sick of people taking advantage of me because im vulnerable, or i dont stick up for myself, or the fact that they know i wont say anything directly to their face. because im not the kind of person. i dont like to start trouble, so im not going to say this to your face. i guess this is the whole point of a blog right? to vent about your problems? well here ya go. im not going to sit here and tell you my whole life story because then you will be here ALL day, and probably feel sorry for me. which is exactly what i dont want. i dont like all the attention centered on me. im not writing this for attention, and i dont care who reads this. this is just a vent. ive felt this way for a long time so its not something that just happened to me. so if your reading this, its not about you-dont sweat it. my situation with my parents, and what people know and what they feel. i HATE it when people make judgements on what they see on the outside. they see a single mom with two kids, and then the father who asked for the divorce, and is automatically the bad guy. and then they see, wait what? the girlfriend. yes my dad moved on, and no, she is not the reason for the divorce. and for your information, she is so important to me, more than anyone-including her- will ever know. and i cant even invite them to my party. which i am totally fine with, and i understand. and i hate it when people are telling me that my father should suck it up, and come see me. well if u say that, then u probably dont know crap about our situation. which brings me to where i started with this blog/vent....i hate it when people butt into situations, where they have absolutely no business in. it not only pisses me off, but it pisses my dad and donna off as well. the truth is, to anyone whos reading this, even if they did come what difference would it make. really? i mean think about it. i can give you one huge difference that wouldnt affect anyone else at the party-well except for me. i would feel completely torn. "which side of the room do i go to first? do i say hi to them last? are they mad at me for not paying enough attention to them?" and so many other things would run through my head. plus, does anyone ever think about how they would feel? i mean, c'mon! where the hell would i put them? oh table for two in the corner! where everyone can point and stare and make their stupid judgements. im not going to put them in that situation....absolutely not. and when people say, "why doesnt he just come to see you?" or "why cant he just suck it up for one day? whats he gonna do when you get married?" well guess what, he will suck it up for the day i get married. but chances are, none of us are going to remember our friends' sweet 16s unless we're on MTV. and the ONLY reason why people say that to me, know that i wont say anything, talk back or defend myself. their taking advantage of me and i gotta say, im not really liking it. i can only take so much until i finally just explode. so heres a question. why cant people just mind their own business? because odds are, if someone did that to you, you wouldnt be too happy with that person. now would you?
p.s-whoevers reading this, it is NOT about you so dont think that. this my own vent, dont think anything of it.

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